Walton Generator

Walton Generator Price in Bangladesh

Walton Generator Price in Bangladesh

In a nation where uninterrupted power is more than a convenience—it’s a lifeline—Walton emerges as a stalwart provider with its diverse range of generators. The Walton Generator series, a beacon of reliability, caters to the energy needs of homes, businesses, and beyond. From the robust Booster 8000E to the portable Zoom 1200, each model is designed to meet specific requirements, ensuring a constant power supply. This introduction unravels the prowess of Walton generators, showcasing not just the price tags but the promise of uninterrupted energy, illuminating Bangladesh’s path to progress.

1. Booster 8000E

Walton Booster 8000E

Price: ৳ 89,900.0

The Booster 8000E stands as a testament to Walton’s commitment to high-performance generators. Boasting a non-contact transistor ignition system and an automatic voltage regulator, it delivers a hefty 8.0 KW of AC power. Whether it’s for a prolonged blackout or running heavy-duty appliances, the Booster 8000E stands tall.


  • Impressive power output.
  • Reliable performance with automatic voltage regulation.


  • Higher initial investment.

2. Power Max 3600

Walton Power Max 3600

Price: ৳ 57,500

If versatility is what you seek, the Power Max 3600 answers the call. With a recoil start system and a sizable 25L fuel tank, this generator ensures a steady power supply for up to 6 hours at the rated load. It’s the powerhouse that adapts to your energy demands.


  • Substantial fuel capacity.
  • Well-balanced power output.


  • Recoil start may require more effort.

3. Zoom 1200

Walton Zoom 1200

Price: ৳ 17,500.0

Compact yet efficient, the Zoom 1200 caters to those seeking portability without compromising on power. Ideal for camping trips or as a backup for small appliances, it features a 4-stroke gasoline engine, a 9L fuel tank, and a commendable 4-hour operating time at the rated load.


  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Fuel-efficient for its size.


  • Limited power output for larger appliances.

4. Impulse 1200

Walton Impulse 1200

Price: ৳ 23,500

For basic power needs, the Impulse 1200 is a compact companion. With a non-contact transistor ignition system and a 4-stroke gasoline engine, it delivers 1000W of max AC power and 900W of rated output power. It’s the go-to generator for everyday use.


  • Compact design.
  • Efficient for basic power requirements.


  • Lower power output compared to larger models.

5. DYNAMIC 11500E

Walton DYNAMIC 11500E

Price: ৳ 185,000.0

At the pinnacle of Walton’s generator lineup, the DYNAMIC 11500E features a V-Twin gasoline engine, ensuring a robust 10 KW of rated output power. With a continuous 10-hour operation at the rated load, it’s a powerhouse designed for extended use during outages or as a primary power source.


  • High capacity output.
  • Extended operating time for prolonged use.


  • Higher upfront investment.


In a nation where access to reliable power is a priority, Walton generators emerge as essential companions. From the compact Zoom 1200 to the robust DYNAMIC 11500E, each generator serves a unique purpose, catering to the diverse energy needs of the people.

As we navigate a world that demands uninterrupted power, Walton generators stand as reliable sentinels, ready to illuminate homes, power businesses, and drive progress across Bangladesh. With Walton, power is not just a utility; it’s a promise kept.



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