RFL weight machine

RFL weight machine price in bd

RFL weight machine price in bd

From the bustling streets of Dhaka to the serene landscapes of the Chittagong Hill Tracts, the pursuit of accurate weighing scales transcends geographical boundaries. Whether it’s a local grocer ensuring the precise weight of your groceries, or a health enthusiast monitoring their weight, the significance of a reliable weight machine is undeniable.

RFL, a renowned brand in Bangladesh, understands this need and has meticulously designed a range of weight machines that cater to various requirements. This listicle explores the top 5 weight machines from RFL that have been creating waves in the Bangladeshi market due to their precision, durability, and affordability.

1. RFL WS Green 5Kg

RFL WS Green 5Kg

Price: 1,075.0

A compact and stylish kitchen essential, the RFL WS Green 5Kg weighing scale is tailored for both domestic and sweet store use. With its precision in measurement and an easy-to-read LCD display, this scale ensures that your culinary measurements are always accurate. Housed in a sturdy PS material body, it guarantees long-term service and reliability.


  • Ideal for domestic and commercial kitchen use
  • LCD display with backlight ensures easy reading
  • Cost-effective and durable


  • Limited to weighing 5kg or less

2. RFL WS Baby (Deviation 10g) 20Kg

RFL WS Baby (Deviation 10g) 20Kg

Price: 4,375.0

The RFL WS Baby Weighing Scale, with its maximum capacity of 20kg, is an embodiment of precision and durability. Its ABS material body is designed to endure daily wear and tear, while the LCD display offers clarity in readings.


  • ABS material body ensures longevity
  • Suitable for varying applications
  • Comes with free batteries


  • Might be slightly expensive for some

3. RFL WS Personal White Display 180Kg

RFL WS Personal White Display 180Kg

Price: 1,325.0

Stylish and functional, the RFL WS Personal Weighing Scale is a testament to the blend of design and precision. The tempered glass panel adds a touch of elegance while ensuring safety. With a generous maximum capacity of 180kg, this scale is perfect for personal use.


  • High maximum capacity
  • Tempered glass panel enhances safety
  • Aesthetically pleasing design


  • Not suitable for commercial use

4. RFL WS P(ABS) Bowl Tray 30Kg

RFL WS P(ABS) Bowl Tray 30Kg

Price: 4,250.0

An ideal companion for grocery shops and retail stores, this weighing scale boasts a dual-side bright LED display, ensuring visibility from both sides. Its ABS body promises durability, while the stainless-steel tray offers a hygienic platform for weighing.


  • Dual-sided LED display
  • Suitable for commercial establishments
  • Durable construction with ABS body


  • Pricier compared to scales with similar capacities

5. XPART WS A(Metal) MS Folding 100Kg

XPART WS A(Metal) MS Folding 100Kg

Price: 7,375.0

Crafted for heavy-duty use, this weighing scale from RFL’s Xpart series is a marvel of engineering. With a solid structure, folding pole, and bright LED display, it promises accuracy and longevity in demanding environments.


  • Robust construction
  • High weight capacity
  • Versatile with folding features


  • Might be overkill for domestic use


RFL, through its diverse range of weight machines, caters to the diverse needs of the Bangladeshi populace. Whether it’s for a homemaker, a business owner, or a health enthusiast, RFL ensures that everyone has access to accurate and reliable weighing scales. These five models exemplify RFL’s commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. So, when you think of weight machines in Bangladesh, think RFL – a brand that stands for reliability and precision.



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