Mira Fan

Mira Fan Price in Bangladesh

Mira Fan Price in Bangladesh

Time has proven that nothing enhances the comfort of our living spaces quite like a good fan. Especially in the sultry heat of Bangladesh, a fan is not just an appliance; it’s a savior from the relentless warmth. Mira, a brand that has been consistent in delivering quality and efficiency, stands as one of the top choices among Bangladeshi households.

As we progress into an era of aesthetic beauty and top-notch performance, Mira has beautifully intertwined both in their range of fans. In this article, we journey through the top 5 Mira fans that have become quite the talk of the town.

1. Mira 8″ Table Fan M-28 (Lite Green)

Mira 8" Table Fan M-28 (Lite Green)

Price: 1,400.0

From the renowned brand Mira, the M-28 Table Fan in Lite Green is a compact addition to any room. Its sleek design and 8-inch blades are built for optimal air circulation, ensuring that every corner of your space gets a breath of fresh air.


  • Energy-efficient at just 25 watts
  • Compact and lightweight for easy portability
  • Dual power control levels to suit individual needs


  • Limited to smaller spaces due to its size
  • Only two power control levels might not cater to all preferences

2. Mira 16″ Desk Fan M-161N (Yellow)

 Mira 16″ Desk Fan M-161N (Yellow)

Price: 3,752.0

Mira’s 16-inch Desk Fan, the M-161N, is a vibrant addition to any workspace. In a refreshing shade of yellow, it is designed to provide maximum comfort while you toil away.


  • Adequate for medium-sized rooms
  • Three power control levels for varied cooling
  • Stylish design to elevate workspace aesthetics


  • Might be noisier compared to smaller fans
  • Weighs more than smaller variants

3. MIRA 16″ Table Fan No.M-167 (Grey)

MIRA 16" Table Fan No.M-167 (Grey)

Price: 3,852.0

Designed for perfection, the MIRA 16″ Table Fan is an embodiment of elegance and efficiency. Its grey hue imparts a touch of sophistication to any room it graces.


  • Suitable for medium-sized rooms
  • Comes with three power control levels
  • Neutral color fits well with most interiors


  • Slightly on the higher price range for its category
  • Almost similar specifications as the M-161N but pricier

4. MIRA 18″ Wall Mounted Fan M-183 (Grey)

MIRA 18" Wall Mounted Fan M-183 (Grey)

Price: 6,030.0

An epitome of excellence, the MIRA 18″ Wall Mounted Fan M-183 saves space while delivering optimal air circulation.


  • Perfect for larger rooms or halls
  • Wall-mounted design saves floor space
  • Powerful performance with 120-watt power


  • Installation might require professional help
  • Limited mobility as it’s fixed to one spot

5. MIRA Stand Fan 18 Inch M-187 (Grey)

 MIRA Stand Fan 18 Inch M-187 (Grey

Price: 6,968

Mira’s M-187 Stand Fan is an amalgamation of power and grace. Standing tall at 18 inches, it promises to sweep away the summer heat with its mighty performance.


  • Suitable for both homes and offices
  • Powerful 1300 RPM speed ensures efficient cooling
  • Aesthetically pleasing design


  • Heavier than other variants
  • Might occupy more space due to its size


As we conclude our list, it’s evident that Mira’s commitment to quality, performance, and aesthetics is unwavering. Whether you need a fan for a compact space or a spacious hall, Mira has got you covered. Moreover, while the pros heavily outweigh the cons, it’s always good to assess individual needs before making a purchase. After all, in the relentless heat of Bangladesh, your fan isn’t just an appliance. It’s your daily companion.



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